Windy Day~


I’ve been blue lately. Trying to forget the things that make me sad. I’m getting some sunshine. It was so windy today. What a great force…the wind. I rode my bike 4 miles. 🙂 purchased groceries. Today I made 3 batches of pizza dough which equals to 10 pizzas. Then I baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting -from scratch. Two loads of dishes and 2 loads of laundry. Barely smiled all day.


Tornado ~

The wind is blowing strong
Letting me know that I belong
Twisting my hair all around
Like a helicopter ready to touch down
Not knowing where to ground
All these windy sounds
Flowing inside of me
The beauty of life re-arranging me
Gripping on a new reality
Understand there is life stirring up
Wondering when I’ve had enough
Struggling,  loving this tornado
Picked up and made me grow
Facing this gust and starting to flow
Underneath my past shadows


There are forces bigger than us
Just like the wind
Always moving,  in motion
Stirring up commotion
Sending us messages
Only if we choose to listen
Abiut hope, glory
And sad, sad stories
About the beginning
And the end
Let is pass by you again
And try not to extend
The wind touches everything
Open up
And start to swing
Soar above and look beneath
See that you are set free!


I want to melt away
I want to melt away
So I won’t feel this way
Drip down, this icy frown
Make a puddle out of me
Step in
stomp on
Let me know I belong
I’ll be your reflection
And give you affection
If I could just melt away
Into another day
And I won’t feel this way


Where is my rage?
Anger, mean, hate, hurt, sorrow
Stuffed away
Turned to fears
Turned to tears
Where is trust?
I dont trust you anymore.
Who do I fear?
Myself and greatness?
Myself and weakness?
How long do I keep silent?
Why aren’t the voices being heard?
Freedom in security?
Just to sit and judge.

Beauty After Pain~

There is beauty after pain,
is that so insane?
I’m not talking about fake beauty
on “reality” t.v.
or plastic surgery
real beauty, real breasts
real women, real tests
reveal love, reveal heart
reveal I’m falling apart
open up
let in the sea
let it flow until you be
being quiet, being mad
being stronger than you ever have.
beauty after pain,
is that so insane?